North Port Performing Arts Association

The North Port Performing Arts Association (NPPAA) was formed in 2001 when the three existing performing arts groups came together to work as a single unit to present a series of concerts by each of the performing arts groups each season. The groups occupy the rehearsal facility that was built by the city of North Port. The building, known as the Music Suite or Rehearsal Hall, is adjacent to the North Port Performing Arts Center and was built for the exclusive use of non-profit groups, which include the North Port Chorale, founded in 1980; the North Port Symphony, founded in 1983; and the North Port Concert Band, founded in 1986.



President: Joan Skowyra
Vice President: Dr. Dennis Silkebakken
Secretary: Kaye Schilling
Treasurer: Mary Maples


You’re Invited To Join Us

All residents of North Port and surrounding communities are welcome to join any of the three performing groups. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the following:

North Port Concert Band

President: Joan Skowyra
Conductor: Dennis Silkebakken

North Port Chorale, Inc.

President: Rita Hart
Director: Jeffrey Herbert

North Port Symphony

President: Peter Schmeiser
Director: Robert Romanski

Joyful Ringers

Director: Mary Thoroman


Director: Patricia Prentzel

Additional Board Members

Joe Skowyra, Patricia Prentzel, Rita Hart, Jim Pack, Robert Romanski, Carol Burch, Dianne Roberto, Ray Schilling, Kaye Schilling, Norman MacLellan and Mary Thoroman

The three performing organizations are non-profit and each maintains a 501(c)3 status. Many corporations and businesses will match funds given to such organizations by current or retired employees.